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During May 15-17, the 23rdRail Solutions Asia was held in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia. Exhibitors and visitors all complimented CRRC’s products and development concepts, as well as its outstanding
Recently, China's first high-power hydrogen energy-powered shunting locomotive, jointly developed by CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. and China Energy Group, completed a 10,000-ton loading test f
April 13 marked the 1stanniversary of the operation start of the China-Laos international passenger train. The train has transported 700,000 passengers accumulatively, including 180,000 cross-border p
Recently, the southern section of Nanjing Metro Line 5 made by CRRC Puzhen successfully started operation. The operation mileage of Nanjing Metro increases from 12 lines (close to 460 km) to 13 lines
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CRRC undertakes design, manufacture, testing, commissioning and maintenance of locomotives and rolling stock, including:electric locomotives, diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic locomotives from 280 kW to 10,000 kW for mainline and shunting duties;high-speed trains of speed over 350 km/h; DMUs and EMUs for urban, suburban and regional transport; trams and light..
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